Ms. Isabella Chen – Certified Sensational Color Design Specialist (Mandarin)

Founder of Mulin Color Design & Creative Co.
Certified Sensational Color Design Specialist, USA Benjamin Moore Color Consultant in China

Personal Publications:
“See How Designers Bring Color Into the Interior” (2018)
“Wearing the Right Color is Beautiful” (2020)

Barry Ip – EQ Educator and Family Therapist (Cantonese)

As the founder of WISE EQ Center in Vancouver, BC, Mr. Barry Ip has over 20 years of experience in EQ education and Family Therapy. Other than being a columnist of a Chinese newspaper, he has also been participating in numerous Cantones television and radio programs, spreading wisdom relating to Emotional Intelligence and relationship development, helping to achieve harmony in families.

Li Chong Jian – a renowned educator in Taiwan (Mandarin)

Mr. Li taught at a “whole-person high school” for seven years and served as a core teacher of independent learning curriculum development in Taipei. Mr. Li’s successful experiences in communication and parent education have been published in books such as “Satir’s Dialogue Practice”, “School without Walls”, “Teacher in the Wheat Field”, and “Teaching from the Heart”. He also founded numerous creative writing classes. Mr. Li’s writing has won the Times Literary Award, the United Literary Novelist Award, and the Ministry of Education Literary Arts Award. He is also a contributing writer for the Hiu Ming Girls’ High School in Taiwan, and has worked as a communication learning consultant for many organizations.

William Chan, BA, BADID, RID

William Chan, Chief Designer at Major Interiors in Vancouver is busy making his mark in the world of interior design. Chan’s understanding of cultural sensibilities, both in the East as well as the West, combined with his ability to grasp the most salient key elements in the making of a deeply satisfying home experience, set him apart from designers who think only in terms of luxury, and the result is exceptional as it is spectacular.

Stefano Piccone — Italian Muralist

Stefano Piccone is a local artist working mostly in Vancouver. He finished his undergrad studies at UBC with a major in art history, and for the passed 25 years, he has been working closely with various Vancouver based interior designers, planning and executing mural decorations and decorative finishes to complement their projects.